WSI has been providing home dwellers and commercial clients web sites and hosting since my Grandson was eight and he is now married and in the Air Force. He use to help me, but as many youngsters do, his interest waned in favor of many teen doings.

I am still at the computer and able to provide you with a range of web sites from a single page to a complete shopping cart. Please take a moment and review my creations on the gallery page.

Although I have produced some successful sites and have received praise from many clients, I am not what may be termed a commercial developer. I do not program in PHP or use Java script because it is extremely time consuming. I use several commercially available software applications to perform the magic of development. Several commercial developers employ my artistic talents to augment their products.

I do create animated gif files, but I donít use flash often because many browsers canít readily display it without plug-ins. I do optimize all photos and graphic images to increase the loading speed of the pages.

Please refer to the LINKS page for reviewing the software applications I use for site developments and hosting. There is also a link to download a brochure.

Thanks for stopping by and please contact me is if I can be of service.
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